Family Set of Mesh Laundry Bags

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5 wash bags includes a colorful heart patch and rack | 100% Polyester Mesh | Thick Mesh for long lasting usage | Cotton Drawstring | NO MORE SORTING SOCKS | NO MORE LOSING SOCKS

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Product descriptions:

  • HIGH QUALITY Mesh Laundry bags that gives you 10 TIMES MORE than any other Laundry Bags. 100gsm Mesh Polyester, Large Bags, Using Cotton Drawstring
  • Keeping Your Whole Family’s Delicates Safe – These mesh laundry bags will keep your delicate things safe, making sure that laundry day is worry free. With mesh that is soft yet durable, your socks and underwear will be kept safe. With our family set of large laundry bags, each sized of 45 x 50 cm, you will be able to fit your whole family’s socks and underwear into these mesh laundry bags!
  • Useful and Durable in Every Situation – Whether you live in an apartment, a college dorm, or have to do your laundry in a laundromat, ZinA mesh laundry bags are perfect for the job! Our mesh bags are made of 100% polyester and are designed for continuous reuse. You can have confidence that no matter where you are, your underwear washing bag will keep everything safe whether in the washing machine or the dryer!
  • Sweetly Organized in Decorative Bags – Each of these five bags is decorated by a heart of different color. They’ll put a smile on your face as you do this task, but there’s even more benefit than that! You’ll be able to keep everyone’s personal items organized, with a laundry bag for socks and underwear, each personalized for every member of your family! No more trying to sort through those pesky small items and figure out which belongs to who. You can even use them to teach your kids to be responsible for their own laundry by keeping and filling their personal laundry bag.
  • Our Time Saving Guarantee – This product is built for durability and ease of use, thus making it an incredible time saver! We guarantee that the time you spend sorting and washing your laundry will be significantly reduced by the use of our mesh laundry bags. Gain time that you could spend doing things that you actually enjoy with these great laundry bags!